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Week 5 Challenge: VALENTINE RED

Valentine’s Day is only a week away, so it seemed only fitting that our theme be “RED” for this week! As the days went by, I wanted to think outside the box of things that were red: balloons, slides, clothing would be cute, but I wanted something beyond that. Saturday morning rolled around, and Nathan wanted to get some work done at home, so Blakely and I headed out to run some errands. Target! Duh! We turned our morning “errands” into a photoshoot at the store! People must have thought I was crazy, a 7-month-pregnant lady squatting in the aisle to take pictures of my 14-month-old daughter, in a cart, right in the middle of Target. But why not? She’s only this little once, and 10 minutes of a public photoshoot with my baby girl for Valentine’s gifts was totally worth it!

With the flu invading our house last week, I was not able to squeeze in time for Week 4 Challenge, but I will come back to that, so stay tuned for a “LOOKING THROUGH” theme at some point!


[…] belly of boy?? If you don’t remember that adorable image of Blakely, you should definitely check it out here. She was so small, innocent, and not to mention…quiet! We spent 5 minutes in those aisles […]

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