4th of July 2017 {wichita childrens photographer} {wichita lifestyle photographer}

This season of summer might just be one of my favorite holiday weeks of the entire year. Why, you ask!? For oh-so-many-reasons…

Back in the day, I loved spending this holiday with so many friends & the BF, floating a river, wearing fashionable holiday attire, drinking many brews, getting a tan in a two-piece suit, shooting off fireworks until well after midnight, getting into all sorts of mischief…who knows! It was absolutely one of my favorite holidays back then.

And now…kids have happened. THREE kids, to be exact. Which means I may even love this time of year more than I did back then! Summer heat, swimming pools (definitely in a ONE-piece suit), holiday outfits (no longer for me, but for them), exploring new locations (within walking distance from home…no rivers), fireworks (but not quite as late…dusk means bedtime, people), brews (but only one…breastfeeding mama over here),  and still into mischief (only by toddlers, and NOT in Aggieville).

Regardless of my age or stage in life, this holiday remains to be one of my favorites! I’m sure it always will. And for that reason, we ventured out beyond a one-block radius from our house last night for a quick photoshoot in the wildflowers. We only had two tantrum fits, one hangry baby, and sweat galore for all. But for this mama, it was worth it!

Happy 4th of July, 2017 to all!

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