A Week in the Life {2017: ONE}

In 2017, my New Years resolution was to document more of our daily life. If not for me, it’s for my babies. I’m horrible at baby books (kid #3 coming soon, and I have yet to start a baby book for our first child). It’s now the first week of February, and I’m just now blogging 2017 images for the first time. Here’s to hoping I can keep this up at least once per month!

Blakely enjoyed her first official holiday party with friend’s at Love of Character, for Valentine cookie decorating. Sally Cavanaugh provided the most adorable aprons from Matilda Jane Clothing, and the littles ate up their sugar high prior to 11 am. Success? I think so!


This little lady is practicing her numbers and alphabet constantly these days. Our favorite activity, by far, is the Match It number puzzle. She now wants to get it out and do it all by herself. I think she’s going to be quite a student like her daddy when it comes to focusing hard. Mama was more into the socializing aspect of school!


Rowen recently started eating slices (VERY tiny slices: Freddy’s french fry size) of apples, but this is a huge milestone to celebrate! For a kiddo with TEF (tracheo-esophageal fistula) repair, solid foods are very difficult to pass through the esophagus and into the stomach. Since his procedure¬†last fall to stretch the surgical site back open, we’ve been working hard to chew and drink plenty of fluids. So proud of this little guy for reaching such a milestone at about 21 months of age!


First French braid! Blakely wasn’t as thrilled as I was for this, but it sure was an exciting day for all!


Bed play! Each¬†and every morning that they stay home with me, and we don’t have school, these giggle boxes love to play on Mommy & Daddy’s bed. This week was even more fun, because Rowen finally mastered climbing up onto the bed ALL by himself! Another milestone for this kid, as after 4 major surgeries early in life, his core muscles have had to work hard to keep up with physical development, such as rolling, crawling, and walking. He didn’t learn to weight bear until 18 months of age (as in, he didn’t put weight on his feet, even when we would hold him up), finally walked at 19, and is now climbing at 22 months.


Story time with Daddy! Need I say more?!


Another HUUUUUUUGE part of our days and weeks right now are filled with trips to Menards and late nights sawing and hammering. Daddy is finishing the basement to make more room for the 5th family member joining this summer, so on weekends, we all hang out in the basement together. Rowen HATES loud noises, and Blakely loves to make marks on the walls like Daddy. This weekend, we even had a car wash in our basement! How many people can say that?!


Bananas for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. With the high amounts of starch and fiber that bananas contain, Rowen is limited to one banana per day to avoid constipation with his delicate digestive system. But no worries, he makes sure to reach that one banana limit every single morning!


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